David Hubenig, RMT, YTT 200 hours

 I have a holistic view of wellness.  We all have different expectations and experiences with respect to our health.  My approach is to listen to my clients so that I can be of assistance in helping them move towards their desired place of comfort. 

It is my intention as an RMT, to tap into a persons innate healing process. I work with a wide-range of techniques such as swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, diaphragmatic breathing, passive movements and postural retraining.

I have been an RMT since 2003 and I have a lot of experience treating a variety of conditions such as; sprains and strains, headaches, overuse injuries, desk job/office-worker discomfort, prenatal and more. Together, we will define goals and work towards restoring comfort and ease in your daily activities. I educate on self-care practices to empower my clients to feel more in charge of their well-being.  I also completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in the summer of 2016 which enables me to teach yoga as a tool for clients.

What allows me to connect with my healing ability is prioritizing healthy activities which include a daily meditation practice, nutritious meals (I love to cook and eat), as well as a daily yoga practice.   Getting outside whenever possible, reading uplifting books and doing things that make me smile are also things that brighten my spirit and allow me to feel more at ease. I know that the healthier I am, the more effective I will be at helping my clients reach their goals.

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Marcia Moncur, RMT, Bachelor of Science in Biology (Uvic)

Currently on maternity leave until Fall 2019

I am passionate about helping people feel better and move with greater ease in their bodies.  In my RMT training at the Vancouver School of Massage Therapy and years of clinical practice, I have learned many skills to assess and work with a number of conditions.

Some of my clinical strengths include treating headaches, jaw and neck pain, hip and low back pain, stress-related ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and more.  I also love treating prenatal and postpartum women.  The demands of pregnancy and motherhood make self-care of great importance and massage therapy can be a powerful tool to help.

I'm passionate about learning new things and I work with a number of techniques such as: myofascial release, swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, joint mobilization, stretching, trigger point therapy and craniosacral techniques. I customize each treatment based on the needs of the client and clear communication is always key.

At the end of a session, I typically encourage self-care activities such as breathing, hydrotherapy (ice/heat), stretching and strengthening exercises to help clients continue on their healing paths.

On my days off, I love spending time with my baby son Joshua, my husband David and our dogs in the great outdoors.  I also enjoy singing, buying fresh veggies and baked goods at the Moss Street market and learning about nature and the human body.

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